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Advice From The Future

| January 10, 2018
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Advice Form The Future 

What advice do you think the future "re tired" you would give the “today” you?  Do you think they would say that you saved too much for retirement?  Probably not.  Would they say that you weren't able to live that "retirement dream" that you always had?  Would you change what you're doing today based on that conversation?  

If we could visualize the future retired us as a person and get our participants to do the same, we could become more committed to our retirement goals.  If we visualize those goals, and us living those dreams, we can create more action today to help us get there.  

We have a video we created that we love to show at participant education meetings.  It helps participants visualizes this situation and starts some really good conversations.  I’ve had participants tell me about their parents and grandparents who hadn’t saved enough for retirement and how this helped them want to save more for their retirement. 

To learn more about how to make your retirement plan more successful, attend one of our Retirement Plan Workshops. 

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