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7 Reasons to Invest in Experiences with your Kids

| August 08, 2017
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I can remember as a child my dad coming home on Fridays and announcing to my brother and I that we were going to go camping, go to the beach, or take a quick trip to DC or some other city. Now that my wife and I have kids we find ourselves spending a considerable amount of time and money planning family vacations or short weekend excursions that will keep our kids engaged and curious about life. What I have found is that some of the most memorable trips from my childhood did not cost a lot money or time. I find myself extremely grateful to have parents that understood that it was not the amount of money they spent on us, but rather the amount of quality Time they spent with us that made the most impact on the lives of myself and my brother. We should always remember that Time spent with your children far outweighs the money spent. Nevertheless, I came across this Article  and found it to be a good read with great ideas.

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