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Kick Boring to the Curb

| December 11, 2017
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5 Tips for keeping your education meetings from being boring


  1. Keep it simple silly “KISS”

You must keep things as simple as possible.  Most participants are surprised to learn that small changes to their contributions like 1% can make a big impact on their retirement savings over time.  If things are simple and follow up is simple, the outcomes can be better. 


  1. Don’t make it just about investments

Participants may not understand investments. Don’t spend too much time talking about allocations and diversification. if you do, you may confuse the participants and they may not see value in coming to another meeting. 


  1. Talk about retirement readiness

If we change the conversation away from investments and talk about income replacement or retirement readiness, you can improve your education meetings dramatically.  Participants who don’t understand investments do understand the need to replace their income in retirement.    


  1. Make the conversation relevant

Make the conversation about them.  Help participants visualize themselves in retirement.  Most participants feel like they are giving up something today to save for retirement.  The average participant spends more time planning for one annual vacation than they do for their entire retirement. You have to help them realize the value of saving for their future. 


  1. Call them to action

There must be a call to action.  We have done 1% challenge meetings where we asked participates to increase their contributions by 1% and showed how that can help improve their retirement.  We offer a one page gap analysis report we call “On Track” reports.  They show participants what they should be saving now to replace their income at retirement.  We offer one on one meetings as a follow up action item after group meetings.  Download a sample “On Track” report below. 


 To learn more about Gate City Advisors Retirement Plan Division, click the like below to have a conversation with Jonathon. 


About Gate City Advisors

Gate City Advisors is a full service retirement plan advisory group.  We offer both 3(21) and 3(38) Investment Fiduciary services.  We are committed to participant success and employee education.  We feel that a retirement’s success should be measured on one thing, can the individual participants retire? 

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Download Sample "On Track" Report 


 On Track Report 
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