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Salesman vs. Advisor

| August 01, 2017
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Imagine a world in which there is a plan for your money, where your investments have specific purposes, specific timelines and your investments are an organic byproduct of a defined process.

Imagine an experience which does not begin with a product or investment, an experience in which investments are only a part of achieving your financial goals.

Imagine an advisor who will not take on new assets without a plan, imagine an advisor who asks just as much out of you as you ask of them; are things as you imagined?

If things are not the way you imagined, you may have a salesperson as an “advisor”; now’s the time to challenge your advisor to engage in a different way. Challenge your advisor to start with a defined measurable goal or a specific purpose; challenge your advisor and ask why you are invested the way you are and how those investments are helping achieve your goals.

Actively engage in your financial future, demand more of yourself and demand more of your advisors.

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