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Retirement Plan Services

To help you understand more about our retirement plan services, we detailed the breakdown of each one to give you more details. 

Ongoing 401(k) Investment Advice (Plan Level)

  • CFA-led research and analysis
  • Co-fiduciary role under ERISA 3(21)
  • Full investment fiduciary under ERISA 3(38)
  • Investment policy statement review and monitoring
  • Ongoing selection and monitoring of money managers
  • Quarterly fiduciary investment review reports
  • Quarterly face-to-face committee meetings

Ongoing Fiduciary Oversight

  • Annual Fiduciary Plan, 404(A) and 404(C) reviews
  • 404(C) notice and policy statement
  • Plan design and fee benchmarking against industry standards
  • Fiduciary training and virtual fiduciary file
  • 401(k) market intelligence report and employer-level newsletter
  • Participant experience benchmarking, consulting and implementation assistance

Ongoing Plan Participant Education and Advice

  • Face-to-face investment advice and education resources
  • Monthly employee memos and annual tracking reports for participants
  • Service for participant investment-related questions
  • On-demand education leveraging pre-recorded meetings

401(k) Vendor Analysis/Service Provider

  • Detailed research and analysis of up to five service providers
  • Evaluation and selection of the administrator/recordkeeper for retirement plans
  • Review of plan services, compliance, investment management and communications
  • Analysis of employer and employee costs, including revenue sharing analysis
  • Negotiation of employer and employee paid fees with the service provider

Gate City Advisors Full-Service Model

  • Quarterly analysis with semi-annual face-to-face investment oversight
  • Ongoing fiduciary oversight with four days of education per year
  • Vendor search every three years
  • ERISA 3(21) and ERISA 3(38) Fiduciary

If any of these sound like a retirement plan you or your corporation would like to learn more about, then reach out to Gate City Advisors today.